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Have you ever wanted to cook something real bad but when you begin to cook, you realize that some ingredients are missing since you haven’t got any experiences about this type of dish? It’s time for you to look for some cooking substitutes. It’s not only helpful in these situations but also common when you want to give a change to some kinds of food that are too boring to you since they are cooked the same way most of the time.

To me, ingredient substitution is one of my common solutions for some material when I’m in need of something but can’t buy immediately and whenever I want to try something new with old and common recipes. I can discover some interesting flavors and tastes when combining things that are not put together commonly though some of them are good and some are not. It’s still a really positive way to be creative in your own kitchen.

Creative foods

Below are some small tips and tricks that I can show you based on my own experiences about food replacement. Enjoy!

  1. What To Do When Baking Cakes

In most of the cake recipes, oil and eggs are vital ingredients, but you can change a little bit to make some differences. The amount of oil used for a cake box is written on the container to direct users. However, you can use applesauce instead of oil. All you need to four packs of applesauce which weighs 5 oz. per pack. The amount of applesauce used to replace oil is equal to that written on the box. Remember that a container of applesauce can replace 20 oz. of oil with the same effect.

The most important advantage of this ingredient substitution is to lower a number of calories in the cakes, which is very helpful to people who are on dietary sessions. In addition, the moisture in applesauce is better than oil, and it enables you to make use of dry materials such as nuts and other types of powder.

Spice substitutions

If you are not a fan of applesauce, you can have another alternation with the help of pudding such an envelope of Jell-O Instant Pudding. With this replacement, you will have another preparation that can replace for the flour in your cakes. You can combine pudding with many types of fruit such as lemon or banana. No kid can resist the attraction of lemon or banana cake. In some cases that you don’t have anything to estimate the amount of pudding should be added in the cakes, it would be fine since the structure of your products won’t be harmed. However, the flavor has changed a little bit comparing to the original recipe but it’s a good point, though. Interesting food made by substitutions is becoming a trend today, but you should find out some of your own to see the best results and make them suitable to your own taste.

  1. Configurations With Milk Products

With many people, buttermilk is something that is must – have in their recipes for cakes. However, sometimes this type of milk is not available in your fridge. If that situation happens, you can make some quickly to make up for buttermilk.

In order to create a teaspoon of buttermilk, you are going to need lemon juice or vinegar and whole milk. With these ingredients, you should mix them together and leave the liquid for at least five minutes then use as a replacement for buttermilk. If you don’t have lemon juice next to you, let’s try another way with whole milk and cream of tartar. We need at least 1-3/4 teaspoons to make a teaspoon of buttermilk. Check your fridge for yogurt if possible and use it with whole milk to create buttermilk in a third way. There are so many ways but these are the easiest and you can follow any of them. The last one is the easiest since most families store some cups of yogurt in the fridge.

  1. Benefits Of Using Food Substitutions

Through 2 examples, you can see some good points when replacing an ingredient with others when combining in the right ratio, but do you really know why people use these replacements?

  • Convenience: one of the most common demands when cooking is the speed and the convenience. Some ingredients would be very good when used in right time with the right amount, but some of them are very rare and can’t be found easily with a large amount. That’s the reason why people often use some substitutions so as to fix that problem. Moreover, using easy ingredients mean easier cooking methods. Sometimes it’s fine if your cooking skills are not enough to work with precious and rare natural ingredients.

Kitchen ingredients

  • Better quality: some ingredients will be better at moist or taste if combine in a correct way, and can be a better replacement for a certain kind of recipe. In some professional restaurants, cooks accept to use ingredient substitution to get better results without having to think of new cooking methods for dishes on the menu that are not popular.
  • Saving money: some ingredients are too expensive and can’t be affordable in some cases. You can totally create the same flavor with other cheap and easy – to – find ingredients in your kitchen. It’s another good point for you to learn how to replace one material with others.
  • In the case of emergency: many people don’t know how to replace the missing ingredients, so they have to waste time buying another one. You can be better and faster than that if you know some simple methods to substitute missing materials.

In fact, there are many alternate ways for you to experience food substitutions. It’s not only an effective way to make changes to your food but also a special method to modify your products to be suitable with the taste and demands of clients. In the next post, I will show you the ingredient substitution chart in which you can find some useful formulas.

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