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It might sound crazy, but it’s possible in some cases. When you want to bake cakes but can’t find enough eggs and oil, ingredient substitution is a good selection you should think of. Actually, there are also some recipes that are suitable for you to process without using those ingredients, but you should not rely on them since the taste of those cakes can’t be compared with other types of eggs.

With some people, the problem doesn’t lie on the ingredient capacity but the amount of fat and protein they take inside their body. That’s the reason why they want to eliminate eggs and oil out of the cake recipes. Therefore, if you want to have fat – free cakes, you should learn how to bake without those though they are essential materials for most types of baking goods.

Eggless cakes

In this post, we will learn some easy ways to bake a cake without preparing eggs and oil in detail. Please remember that you should apply this way in some cases, not all the time.

Before moving on to the detailed steps, we need to know some basic things about the ingredients. It is the basic knowledge about food substitution you should be aware, not only to bake but also a good way for you to become flexible and ready for any circumstances that might happen in your kitchen.

If you want to bake cakes for 6 to 8 people, here are the ingredients you will need to prepare:

  • Cake mix: 1 box
  • Vinegar: 2 teaspoons
  • Vanilla: 1 teaspoons
  • Applesauce: 1 cup
  • Cold water: 1 cup

For another alternation, we have:

  • Cake mix: 1 box
  • Cream soda: 12 oz.

If you have pumpkin puree, you can make use of it with the combination like below:

  • Cake mix: 1 box
  • Pumpkin puree: 12 oz.
  • Water: 1/3 cup

With the applesauce, we should follow these steps carefully to get rid of oil and eggs out of our bake recipes:

  1. Preheat The Oven

In this method we will use 9” and 13” pan. Grease and flour it is using nonstick spray that you can buy easily at the supermarket (I recommend using Pam). You should spray evenly to cover the entire bottom and the sides of the pan. After that, apply a thin layer of flour on top.

It’s time to preheat the oven and the pan as directed on the cake mix box. Don’t forget to set the temperature over 350 degrees to get the best result.


  1. Use The Ingredients

Now you can pour the cake mix into a bowl in order to combine with other ingredients. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate size of the container so as not to waste the amount of cake mix.

After pouring the cake mix into the bowl, continue to add other ingredients and stir them together. Remember the applesauce, vinegar, and vanilla to achieve the best quality for our mixture.

With the ratio of 1:1, applesauce and cake mix can entirely replace for eggs and oil. This is considered the basic substitution for any types of baking goods that require these two ingredients. In a typical cake, one cup of apple sauce combining with one box of cake mix can create enough cakes for 6 to 8 people. Two eggs are equal to a cup of this sauce.

  1. Add Water

The water is poured into the mixing bowl to get a mixture by stirring in a certain amount of time. While stirring, you should use a whisk so as to ensure the smoothness of the mixture and remove any lumps in the bowl. Keep stirring until a combination is well – set. Check the consistency of the mixture and continue to the next stage.

  1. Process The Batter

Now, let’s pour the batter into the preheated pan. Make sure that you can make the surface of the dough smoothly so that your cake would be exquisite in both quality and appearance.

While you flatten the surface of the mixture, try not to splash any of the batters on the edges of the pan. Those pieces can’t be cooked well. They would be burned and can’t be eaten. Don’t waste your cake like that, do the step carefully and slowly with your hands.

  1. Baking And Serving

After preparing the batter on the pan and remove any excessive amount, turn the oven on and ready to bake your cake. If this is the first time baking with cake mix, you should follow the instructions written on the box carefully. The baking time should be between 30 and 40 minutes. Sometimes you should check the cake to make sure the temperature is beautiful, and the cake is ready after the baking period. If there are some unwanted changes, you may want to turn off the oven and set the features again.

Bake cakes with applesauce

Remove the cake from the oven and let it cool to room temperature. This might take from 15 to 30 minute before the meal. Don’t eat the cake when it’s too hot. If the time doesn’t allow you to wait for the cake to cool itself, you have to add a little help with the freezer. The quality and taste of the cake won’t be damaged if you freeze it for a while to decrease the heat quickly, but this session might add an extra sugar inside the cake. The calories of the cake will increase according to the amount of time in the fridge.

That’s the way you can use substitutions to bake a cake without having to use eggs and oil – essential ingredients that almost every type of cake needs. However, you should try other methods so as to discover the better alternation for your cuisine without losing the original taste and small but also increase the healthiness of it. If you want to find out how to use soda and pumpkin, puree to bake a cake, stay tuned and wait for my next article. See you again next time!

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