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Using the right ingredients for the right recipes is the priority for any dishes to be cooked perfectly. However, sometimes there would be several unwanted cases that force us to change the ingredients as quickly as possible. For example, when you cook food for people who are on a diet or allergy to some components of the dish, you have to think of some substitutions so as to adapt to the situation without ruining the original taste and smell of the recipes. Moreover, some ingredients might run out before you notice and you can’t find some of it immediately, and then the fastest way is to use something else instead.

The importance of knowledge about ingredient substitution is undeniable. However, not many people even professionals know exactly how to modify the recipes with confidence. This post will provide you – amateur home cooks – how to do it easily and improve your cooking competence as well.

Ingredients for cookies

  1. Know The Original Recipes

All you need to do is put the first and original recipes inside your head. You can’t move to the next step by modifying the ingredients right away. If you haven’t done the dishes right even once, how can you know its smell and taste? That’s the reason why you should experiment the basic mixture and get it right for a few time. This will help you to have the correct feeling about the features of the dishes so you can hold on to them and create your own styles without making too many differences. Feeling confident by cooking several times will allow you to try something else to enhance your cooking skills in some ways.

For example, if you want to bake cupcakes for 4 people in your family, here is the basic recipe:

  • 100g butter
  • 100gr sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 150g flour
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla (optional)

If you want to add chocolate flavor to the cupcakes, try to use cocoa and milk. Since the cocoa powder is dry, adding a little amount of milk into the mixture can prevent your cakes from being too dry when baking. Bake the cakes several times until you feel confident and comfortable with this simple and quick recipe and can even do it without looking at the recipe. After that, you can totally make some substitutions and additions to your cupcakes with confidence.

Vegetable soup

You can let your creativity do the work by using other ingredients, both dry and moist, to make your cupcake flavorful and colorful. Some common configurations for cakes are adding cinnamon, apple or almond for healthier nutrition components. Sometimes you can try using frozen berries since they contain lots of vitamin and mineral and give the flavor that no kid can resist.

With moist ingredients such as honey, cream, cheese, you should balance the total moisture of the cupcakes by adding other dry ingredients like nut, flour or coffee powder. In addition, juices such as apple or orange juice are considered good alternations for real fruits if you can’t buy them.

  1. Don’t Try Too Hard To Substitute Ingredients

Some dishes can’t be done perfectly if you draw some ingredients out. They are considered the core ingredients of the recipe and you just simply can’t replace them. For instance, if you remove the tomato, you can’t make good spaghetti bolognese as good as normal. However, in some cases, you can use other types of vegetables to make the sauce. Vegetable variation is fine since it doesn’t affect the taste much, but in this case, the tomato is irreplaceable. The taste wouldn’t be the same, but if you are looking for a change in the dish that you make hundreds of times, it would be fine then. In addition, try using zucchini and eggplants if possible since the taste is quite amazing in comparison with traditional tomato. With chili, you can replace its position with pepper or capsicum if necessary, but I strongly recommend staying with chili to make the best color and spicy taste.

Substitute ingredient for better health

Some people are an allergy to certain types of dairy products or even flour. It would be such a task of a challenge for you to replace these vital ingredients in your recipes. It’s very important to know the source of allergy and have the proper substitutions. In health stores, you can find the type of whole grain wheat which is suitable for most people.  With dairy products, try to use some help from medical centers to know which product should be used and which is not.

  1. Be Selfish At Any Time

The recipe of yours might be suitable to your taste and flavor, but not to others. Since then, don’t be too generous and talk about the alternation you make with the dishes widely, other people can’t do as well as you do, even if you give them the exact recipes.

A key factor is a number of ingredients and the timing. That means you can make use of your own recipes but no one can and vice versa. The point is the food you make can satisfy your own food craves.

  1. Notice Some Special Factors

Modify your recipes require many efforts and time so if you are not in charge of a big event such as dinner parties or pool parties, I recommend you shouldn’t waste too much time to think about how to make the food edible for everybody. On the other hand, if you are hosting an important one, make the foods carefully and choose the right ingredients so that anyone can enjoy the dishes without worrying about their dietary requirements or allergies.

There are so many online courses about cooking with ingredient substitutions and variations. If you are a person who is passionate about cooking, you should definitely attend one. Moreover, the books and online video clips are very helpful. If you need any tips and tricks about ingredient replacements, please visit my website about cooking, there would be many articles like this and I hope you will find them favorable.

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