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Nowadays, one of the main requirements for people in the kitchen is the speed. A good cook can survive in a professional kitchen if he can’t keep up with fast – paced work with lots of pressure. Similar to it, the traditional ingredients which are hard to process should be replaced with others that can be cooked faster and easier without losing any good factors of the dishes such as the taste and the smell. It is quite easy to say, but creating and applying modern ingredient substitutions into the real kitchen is such a task of a challenge for any food providing system.

Missing ingredients

The trend of cooking using “modern ingredient substitution” is rising all over the world with a really fast speed. According to the food culture of each country, we have a unique way to replace traditional recipes with faster and tastier one using these types of the ingredient. These interesting, convenient and efficient ingredients provide favorable conditions for cooks to bypass challenges in the kitchen without making any negative effects to the creativity and quality of the cuisine. This article will explain this trend to you and how to apply it to your own meals on a daily basis.

So What Are The Requirements Needed In Professional Kitchens Today?

1. Speed Demand

Slow service, especially in delivery and cooking is one of the most common complaints of the majority of customers when coming to a restaurant. It’s a vital problem encountered by most of restaurants and food stalls. It needs to be solved to ensure a better customer feedback.

In some luxurious dinners, most of the customers demand to be served without waiting times between dishes. This requirement is one of the most important factors for a restaurant to be called professional.

Ingredient swap2. Menu Selection According To Kitchen’s Capacity

In many years recently, customers want to double the dishes in the menu. However, the number of kitchen staff has to remain the same of an even decrease in some cases. It’s so difficult for them to satisfy the requirements of their clients with a limited human resource like that. That’s the reason why the cooking method using modern ingredient substitution appeared and is applied to modern kitchens.

3. The Convenience Without Having to Compromise

To continue working, modern professional cooks accept the importance of modern ingredients in their kitchen. They need to be fast and precise in each and every step. They want to save the time as much as possible by just prepare the ingredients in 1 or 2 steps in the whole cooking sessions. Cooks select professional ingredients according to their convenience by using them to replace traditional ingredients. The replacement can be completely or just some certain parts.

However, with many cooks, a convenient solution has to ensure the quality as well as save time. For example, many people agree that using natural ingredients to make bouillon is very good since the water would be so sweet and easier to combine with other components, but sometimes there are some small pieces of bones or meat and they make the bouillon unsafe to use. On the other hand, using artificial bouillon can help cooks to have a new form of soup that is solid and suitable with food safety norms.

Of course, modern ingredient substitution can’t be the factor to replace professional cooks with amazing skills. The kitchen staff has to have a good set of skill to deal with these efficient ingredients as well as raw materials. With the help of this innovation in providing and using several kinds of material, cooks can not only lessen the cooking time but also strengthen their qualities such as creativity and cooking competencies. So as to cook successfully under pressure, a cook has to learn how to achieve a smart preparation. So what is it?

Replace missing ingredients

Smart Preparation

Simply saying, a smart preparation can reduce stress, time and cost when cooking and creating dishes.

Economic profit with larger scale: With an effective working routine for each week which is calculated carefully, the amount of ingredient will be estimated precisely. In addition, the use date of the food and the base quality must be put into consideration to avoid some unwanted mistakes when cooking.

Must – have dishes on the menu: Don’t waste time and required skills in creating must – have dishes on the menu that are not used regularly by customers. Modern ingredient substitution can help cooks to complete them in no time with acceptable quality and a good identical for the whole menu set.

Ready to cook: When a kitchen is well – prepare from ingredients to tools, kitchen staff will have fewer problems to take care and they can work under less pressure. This solution is applied to decrease the pressure to the kitchen – the heart and soul of the restaurant when it has to operate at its finest for a long amount of time. Moreover, preparing the food well can help the staff to remain the same number of people when having to serve more customers than normal. However, serving and cooking process must be separated when listing the menu.

Clean up: The cleanup routine must be followed strictly. Everyone needs to keep the kitchen clean and safe so as to achieve the best food safety criteria.

Feedback: Do not satisfy with the current situation. Receiving feedback from customers as well as kitchen staff is one of the most vital things need to be done to keep a restaurant moving forward. In fact, if the cooks use modern ingredient substitutions, take a closer look at feedback about dishes and see the results.

Using modern ingredient substitutions on the kitchen, especially professional ones are risky, but it can save time and money as well as reduce the stress on the kitchen staff. In fact, the quality of the food is still good if the cooks have enough skills to process and combine both modern and traditional ingredients together. However, it requires many time and efforts to complete such a new and innovating change in the kitchen.

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