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You suddenly want to try some grilling because of the amazing recipe was given from your college at work but then you realized that you don’t have the equipment for grilling in your kitchen? Do you want to make something different for your family on special occasions? Well, don’t let the lack of equipment affect you. You can totally make some good grilling dishes without having the grill. Let’s see how these ways work with your ingredients and how to make them even better than the original cooking methods!

Note: They are just alternative ways of “grilling” when you can’t borrow one or unable to buy at once. The best thing about grilling is that you can have the grill without and do that outdoor – a BBQ party for instance.

Chicken grill

Broiler Use For Grilling?

Though these kitchen appliances are different from each other in terms of heating mechanism, but you can still make use of the broiler if you don’t have the grill in the kitchen. It can be used as an upside – down grill. The heat will be created from the top and cook the food from top to bottom. Remember that it’s just the replacement; don’t overuse it if you can find things such as the best propane grill or a good quality gas grill from a local kitchen tool store.

A disadvantage of using the broiler to grill is that you can’t get the signature smoky flavor and the grill marks just like when you do it with the grill. However, the taste is quite good to try, and you don’t have to care much about the heat change as well. Most of the recipes can be applied easily with a broiler, but don’t try something that requires high or medium – high heat since this kitchen equipment is not made to create such high temperature like that. The intense heat might ruin your broiler as well.

Using the broiler drawer inside the oven is a good choice since you can actually adjust the distance from the meat to the heat source. If you set the rack from 4 to 6 inches from the heat, it would be grilled quickly and nicely. However, notice the thick of your meat cuts so that it can be cooked nicely from inside out.


Leave the open door open a little bit and check it regularly to make sure you don’t mess things up. You should flip the meat cuts when half of the time passes so that they can be cooked on both sides. Normal steaks and chops should be put inside the oven for more than 8 minutes.

Below are some recipes so that you can try making your own broiler – grilled dishes:

  • Broiled Tuna
  • Broiled Arctic Char
  • Broiled Lamb Chops

Grill Pan

Unlike the grill for outdoor cooking that you have to order online for several days before cooking, the grill pan is very easy to buy instantly from stores or supermarkets. Looking at the pan, we can see some ridges at the bottom. It would leave grill marks when the heat is enough. Another function of the ridges is that the oil and the fat will be stored under the meat and keep the food healthier.

However, the grill pan is quite large in size so it is not a good idea for people who have a small kitchen. Each time using this pan, it would take up quite a lot of space so you might not be able to do something else such as preparing the ingredients or cooking something else while grilling. Besides, you can’t create smoky flavor with this type of pan since it is heated by gas, not charcoal.

A good point is this type of pan is quite cheap; you can buy a really good one with the price below $40. The pan is good for cooking quickly grilled dishes such as steaks or chops.

Smoky Ingredients

In some cases, we have to admit that there’s no way we can do some grilling at that time, but how about faking it? Everyone knows that the smoky flavor can be mistaken as the flavor and the smell of grilled food, so if you can make use of several smoky ingredients and spices, it would be great, especially when you are craving for this type of taste.

Smoked salt

There are two ways for you to change the taste and the smell of a dish to be “guilty”:

  • Use ingredients such as smoked salt to marinate the steaks or fish so that they can smell and taste salty and smoky.
  • Use smoked oil or chipotle chiles to make the sauce. You dishes might not have the smoky flavor, but if the sauce can make up for that loss, that would be a noticeable attraction.

Use these ways wisely so that you can save your ingredients while still having good dishes without the help of the grill.

Indoor Smoker

As I’ve said, smoking is not grilling; it just adds the smoky flavor and smells into your current dishes in some ways. However, in some situations, it’s really good to at least have something smoky to taste so that you can withstand your craving for grilled food – at least a few days till you get your own grill.

The smoking gun is not a bad idea, to be honest. You can smoke anything with that kitchen tool, just make sure that you know how to use it and your dishes are pretty compatible with the smoky taste.

Above are some small tips and tricks to save your day without a grill. They can temporarily slow down your hunger for grilling foods, but you can’t use them forever. So after this, you might want to try doing some reviews about grilling equipment for outdoor and indoor so that next time you won’t have to worry about making grilling substitutions anymore. For more information, come to my blog about outdoor activities and I can be sure that you will find some helpful guides for grilling there.

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