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Cooking without salt

Cooking is an important task of many housewives. Besides, they must choose the good quality for the kitchen utensils as choosing the best rice cooker, the sharp knives, or the good cooker pressure. They must think what foods to cook today. This meal has to ensure the enough nutrients for all members of the family. Normally, the housewives will keep in their mind some good tips. Even, they can remember the recipes which they cooked. In fact, it is important to have some creations in cooking. This change must ensure the flavors of the dishes. Normally, we will use all necessary seasoning for your dishes. When I mention this, many people do not believe what I say. However, you can do it. To prove this, I will introduce the simple ways to add the flavor for foods without salt.

The Bad Influence of High Salt Consumption in Your Diet

Seasoning plays an important role in cooking. It is indispensable ingredients to have the tasty dishes. But consuming a lot of salt will lead to some problem about health. It is better to reduce salt in cooking as much as possible. Here are some serious diseases which relating to use high salt amount regularly. They are high blood pressure, stroke, and heart diseases. It is a study in the New England journal of Medicine.

When you have a habit of eating a lot of salt in all foods you will be difficult to remove immediately. At this time, you will feel the foods become tasteless. To avoid consuming a lot of salt, you need to find out a way for ingredient substitution.

Some Basic Ways to Cook up The Flavors of Foods without Salt

In cooking, the housewives must follow the recipes to have a delicious taste. Besides, they pay attention to the modern utensils in the kitchen to cook faster and more delicious. Some typical things are the use of the best rice cooker, pressure cookers, and versatile kitchen appliances. All of these will combine the cooking experience. The housewives will cook up the flavor effectively. Many people limit to use salt or do not use during cooking but their foods are very great to enjoy. Now, you can know some basic ways to enhance the flavors of foods without salts as follows:

1. Add The Balsamic Vinegar

Adding dark balsamic vinegar

Many people will be very surprised because of cooking without salt. However, we can use the balsamic vinegar for substituting. This vinegar also contains the salty. With the balsamic vinegar will cook up the flavor for your foods. I have some problem about health so my doctor asked me to limit the use of salt in my diet. Thus, I try this way. The result is that my dish also enhances the taste.

2. Use Cheese

Maybe, you do not believe that we can use cheese to substitute for salt. To adjust the suitable cheese amount for your foods, you should use a small grater-like tool. It is called as microplane. I can sprinkle it on the salads. At that time, the cheese will fall softly on the top of vegetable. It is like the snowflake. Many housewives love using cheese as ingredient substitution for salt because there are two benefits for health such as:

  • Cheese will help the foods add for flavor. Your foods become more attractive to eat;
  • Beyond that, we can reduce a significant amount of salt in the life when we use other ingredients to substitute salt.

3. Use The Salt Substitute

Nowadays, many people like to use the salt substitute in cooking. The salt substitute contains the full flavor of foods. It was made from the natural fine foods. So, the salt substitute is good for our health. There are a lot of various ingredients in a salt substitute. They include garlic, tomato granules, basil, oregano, onion, dill, lemon pepper, celery, orange spices, mustard seed, parsley, and cumin. These flavors contribute the special spices. I will really be surprised when using it for your unsalted fish or other foods. Therefore, using the salt substitute is a good tip in cooking. Especially, it can replace salt effectively.

Using the salt substitute

4. Add Other Spices to The Foods for Eliminate Salt

Cooking beef without salt

Seemly, this is a difficult way for some people. If you are a famous chef you will know this. You are just a woman who must work on the outside. However, you also have the main duty to cook the meal for everyone in your family. It means you only have some basic knowledge in cooking. To eliminate salt as much as I like, you need to know these following rules:

  • When cooking meat, you should add some spices to your foods. This is not only to cook the flavor up but also to have the good taste without salt. For example:
  • With beef, you should use some seasonings which they will create the charming taste for meat. They are onion, pepper, thyme, marjoram, nutmeg;
  • Garlic, curry powder, mint, and rosemary are the indispensable spices when you cook lamb;
  • Pork is the common foods which we often eat every day. You do not use salt when to add these seasonings such as sage, pepper, onion, garlic, and oregano;
  • When cooking with chicken meat, the important seasonings for replacing salt are thyme, ginger, marjoram, poultry seasoning, tarragon, and rosemary.
  • You do not want to add salt to your vegetables. You can use other vegetables as well as the fruits for replacements. Here are the typical examples:
  • To have the more attractive flavor for carrot, you should add sage, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg;
  • With potato, you should choose other seasonings. They are dill, garlic, onion, and paprika;
  • Some types of green beans will need to add curry powder, lemon juice, thyme, onion, pepper, and dill. These contribute to creating both the good taste and good smell for your foods.

In conclusion, this article just provides the information which you can cook without salt. Although you do not use salt in cooking you still ensure the special taste for your foods. You will spend some difficulties for the first time to cook without salt. But by these ways, you will limit a lot of unnecessary salt in your meal. Actually, consuming the plenty of salt will affect health. This will lead to some common diseases relating to the heart problem. I think that you will study some good tips to control salt in cooking through this writing. Wish you success to cook well without salt!

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