Vermont Public Radio
Portsmouth Herald
Buffalo News
USA Today
Dartmouth News
Patriot Ledger
NPR Here & Now
WAAY TV – ” Bill Driscoll Jr. makes it in the photo on the far left. He received the Presidential Service award for his work with Hands On USA.” – ” Hands On USA volunteers are shown as the feature photo on”
Phillidelphia Public Radio – “A look at efforts to rebuild the Gulf coast with Darius Monsef. Search for Darius from the Radio Times Archive search bar.”
Vermont Public Radio – “Interview: Toshiro Kida, hurricane relief worker”
Portsmouth Herald – “Hurricane relief volunteer keeps message alive”
WLOX News – “Volunteer Street Cleaners Help Prepare For MLK Celebration”
The Winchester Star – “Local Man Tries to Ease Biloxi’s Blues” – “Real hurricane relief for the poor is coming not from the government or big charities but the kindness of strangers”
Buffalo News – “Learning lessons from devastation.”
USA Today – ” Giving a hand [and their vacation].”
MN Sun – “Putting some muscle behind helping hands.”
Patriot Ledger – “Volunteers headed south again: Milton man, father going back to Miss.”
WAAY TV – “Another story from WAAY TV. “
NPR Here & Now – “An interview with David Campbell “
WAAY TV – “Tom makes more Angel Flight news. “

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